Configuring Flint Wallet

Flint Wallet is a Chrome extension that serves as a go-to light wallet for DeFi and NFTs. The current version of Flint allows users to create a Cardano Testnet wallet and enable "Milkomeda mode" to send transactions to the Milkomeda C1 sidechain.

Install Flint Wallet by visiting the following link while using Chrome browser and clicking the “Add to Chrome” button: Install Flint Wallet

After installing, click the Extensions icon

at the top right of the Chrome window and select Flint Wallet. Within the Flint window, proceed past the initial warning screen, click “Let’s Begin”, choose your language, click “I agree”, and when you arrive at the screen shown below, click the “Testnet” button.

To use real ADA on the mainnet version of Milkomeda C1, click "Mainnet" to create a mainnet Cardano wallet instead.

Next, click “Confirm”, “Create a new wallet”, and write down a copy of your recovery phrase. Confirm the recovery phrase at the next screen, set a wallet password, and click “Create my wallet”. For now you can select “Skip” at the App Passcode screen, and then click “Finish”. You should now have a Cardano Testnet wallet, as shown:

Next, we will access the Cardano Testnet faucet to obtain some test ADA.

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